Approximately half a year since my first post on medium, the world is still aggressively debating, arguing and fighting over vaccines and now the so called “vaccine passports” are also in the mix. Almost 10,000 people are still dying daily from COVID-19 around the world while close to 1000 (and on most days more than 1000) die from COVID daily just in North America (and of course mainly the “greatest” country) as these countries are grappling with the fourth (nth) wave. While many countries still have not been able to procure enough vaccines to inoculate their populations or even their…

Recently (week of March 14th) I found out that at least 3 of my very close friends will not be taking the COVID-19 vaccines. One of them had already denied it when it was offered to them about 2 months ago at this point (they have since gotten both their doses). Another could potentially get it within next month or two as the eligibility criteria is relaxed. And the third will not get it even when there are enough vaccines to inoculate every adult in North America and they become eligible. …

Sneh Modi

Theoretical Particle Physicist at the moment, who knows about the future!?

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